Hi. My name is Stephanie and I’m what you could call a baker, cook, ruler of my small kitchen. I’m pretty short hence the “petite” in Petite Panini. The story behind the second part is for another time. Or you know… maybe never.


I’ve ¬†been interested in baking since I was little and my grandmother used to let me “help” her make cookies. I got to wear an apron and everything. Later, I worked at a bakery for three years spanning ¬†from late high school until into my university days. This time helped me grow and understand my appreciation for baking, while challenging me to better myself, and expand on what I knew.

It wasn’t until recently, maybe within the last two years that I was really excited about general food…for meals. Probably has something to do with getting older, and more refined tastes (I tell myself this either way).

What all this comes down to is that I’ve decided to learn how to eat delicious things, but maybe be healthy at the same time. Exciting!

Behind the scenes working on this complicated nonsense is Jordan, my partner in everything.

He’s the computer savvy one of the two of us, and is taking some time out of his busy schedule to help with web design etc.

So, thanks for visiting! Please comment, I’d love to hear from you.


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