Black Forest Cake

Black Forest is my Dad’s favourite cake. Of course, being the designated family¬†cake baker, I had to make one for his birthday.

Black Forest Cake

Generally, I find most of the recipes for this cake to be pretty lack luster. So I did what I do best.. I looked through all the most promising recipes and took the bits and pieces I liked most. It was delicious. Read more

English Scones

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love english scones. These are the kinds of scones I dream about having again in London…with jam…clotted cream…and tea. I really think they were the highlight of my visits there.

So, this past Victoria Day when I was feeling particularly festive, I thought “Why not make my own! It can’t be too hard right?”. It really wasn’t and now I can enjoy these scones anytime I like.


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