Almond Butter


Since I’ve started trying to eat healthier, and find dairy alternatives, I’ve really wanted to try making my own almond milk. Unfortunately I bought roasted almonds last week…but! It’s okay because I made some almond butter instead.

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I mean how satisfying is it to make something that’s pretty expensive in the stores. You can make as much as you want… anddd (the most important part) you know exactly what is it in. That makes me really happy. Read more

English Scones

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love english scones. These are the kinds of scones I dream about having again in London…with jam…clotted cream…and tea. I really think they were the highlight of my visits there.

So, this past Victoria Day when I was feeling particularly festive, I thought “Why not make my own! It can’t be too hard right?”. It really wasn’t and now I can enjoy these scones anytime I like.


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