The first time I had Muesli was when I was in Switzerland during my late teens. I remember thinking this is breakfast?? This cold oatmeal stuff? I was probably not impressed.


Now that I am older and a bit more wise I appreciate it so much more. Being able to have a healthy filling breakfast ready for you to just eat in the morning with no prep is fantastic! I love that I’m getting fruit, protein, and fiber all in one meal as well. Read more

Peanut Butter Banana Shake

Okay, so.. I made another avocado milkshake. This one might even be thicker, and more delish than the last one. It’s definitely healthier too…so I think I feel comfortable calling this a breakfast shake! Milkshake for breakfast is an awesome way to start the day.

dsc_0022 (1)

The last one I felt was more of a dessert, whereas this is naturally sweetened, and has added some fibre and protein to keep you full all morning! No more 11 am snacks, my friends. Read more

Potato Patty Cakes

Since I’ve been experimenting a lot with breakfast recently, I’ve realized trying to cut down on bread and cereal is hard! And then what’s left is things with cheese; omelettes, scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches etc. So…I mean that makes me sad, because I miss cheese soso much.


What I’ve come up with are eggs with things other than cheese. This is where the potatoes came in.  Read more